2019  Yao-Pi Hsu Photography


I explore the world around me, as I look for water reflection from different angle perspective that represent how diverse and abundant the world expresses its various forms and beauties
After more than 40 years my first visit back home in 1990 was an eye opening and emotional experience for me. Since then I have made many trips back to China. Here are some images to share with you.
Flowers are one of the best gifts from mother nature. The different colors, shapes, forms and textures from flowers never stop to amaze me. The back lit of flowers are my favorite photo subject. I remind myself to stop and smell flowers along the side walk.
Since I get passionate with photography travel has became richer and more meaningful. From mountains of China, glaciers of Alaska to the serene docks of Norway, I bring camera with me so I can share my experience with you.
I love the vibrant colors and forms of this body of work. The effect of back light and rain render these images to paint looking.
As the bus traveled from Madrid to Morocco last April,the scenery along the way struck me. Like a child looking through glass at a desert case filled with delectable treats. I grabbed my camera snapped of these images aimed for compositional integrity of color, shape and graphic abstraction.
These images are created by double exposures.